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Fred Ped

Steven Frederick Cook's Live Journal

20 January 1975
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  • fredped@livejournal.com
Steve Cook born Steven Frederick Cook (January 20 1975, Kalamazoo Michigan) nicknamed Fred Ped while a member of the Peds by one time Antiseen drummer Doug Throgmorton.

Steve started out in the music industry promoting artists in the Carolinas (Gideon Smith, Maniac Spider Trash/Wednesday 13, Seducer, Child of Rage, Faculty X) by creating and passing out flyers, video zine, merch, lights, and wr
ote articles for Guitar World, Metal Maniacs, Metal Edge and zines.

1995 Steve worked on Century Media artist Stuck Mojo's "Snappin' Necks" Tour as guitar tech for Rich Ward (Fozzy/Adrenaline Mob). He also assisted with booking some of the dates with Machine Head. He currently helps Rich whenever duty calls. Recently supplied backline to Fozzy on Seattle's Uproar Festival date, then drove to Tacoma the same night to perform himself.

1997-1998 was a founding member of the Peds. The group toured non-stop with a Mainstage spot at the Milwaukee Metal Fest.

1999-2001 worked as a session player on recordings used in Movies & Television but was never credited or paid for his work. During this time had small acting roles in commercials, Carrie 2 the Rage and The Patriot (Mel Gibson film). Toured with Gardy Loo & The Mentors and moved to Portland Oregon. Frustrated and broke quit for almost 10 years.

2010 joined Hawaii's Horror Pop-Punk group the Quintessentials. Published in Corvis Nocturnum's book I Lucifer: Exploring the Archetype and Origins of the Devil (2011) Recorded bass tracks and worked as an engineer on the upcoming album "Realm of the Great Old Ones" (2012 Hawaiian Express)

2011 Co-wrote and produced Black Smoke Snakes. Performed every instrument on the track "Time to Ride" which will be used in an upcoming BMX Special on ESPN

Has opened up for national recordings artists Jackyl, D.R.I., Death Angel, King Diamond, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Mayhem, Emperor, Meshuggah , Aiden, Modern Day Escape, Stolen Babies, Turisas, Alestorm, Huntress, Kill Devil Hill

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